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Ways to get them to say yes!

When you meet an engaged couple that require your wedding services, it’s important to ensure you win them over. The best way you can do this is by building trust. They need to believe that you will be able to handle their special day with care. Research shows that if they have already phoned you or booked a meeting with you then you are 70% there – in this blog we show you how you can get over than final hurdle to make sure they book their wedding with you.

Plan Your Pitch

When you meet with couples, they will want to hear about you, the services you offer and your experience. Plan this pitch out so you know what you plan on saying. This way you will give the impression to the couples that you are organised and prepared. Think about the questions that couples often ask you. Where possible include these in your pitch, but if not, then prepare your answer for the question is asked. Showing them confidently that you can overcome any concerns they have will enable them to put their trust and faith in you.

Quick Notes

Every couple wants a wedding supplier they know they will be able to get hold of quickly and someone that is on the ball. Set this impression from the start by sending the quote as quickly as possible. If you can, send the quote from the car before you leave, or as soon as you return home from the appointment. You can set up templates of quotes for the traditional and most popular packages. This then gives your couples an idea of what to expect.

Touch Base

There will always be couples that start looking as soon as they get engaged, then realise they need to save some more money before they start planning. Make sure you stay in contact with this couple and regularly touch base. This could be some free tips or ideas that you think that couples will find useful, a birthday greeting or a countdown to their wedding date for example. These emails can continue after the special day. Each year you could send an anniversary greeting for example. This will keep you fresh in their minds to recommend you to their friends too. 


Booking your dream isn’t impossible, however, it does take some hard work. Make sure you share examples of your work and testimonials on your social media. This is a quick and easy way of showing your target audience what you do and how happy your clients are with it. It’s a quick way of building trust. 


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