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So, you’ve seen an ad promoting an upcoming awards, spoken to a few supplier friends, heard mixed opinions, and end up unsure whether to enter! If that’s you, we’ve been there, a lot of us in the industry have. I’d like to explain why wedding industry awards are important for suppliers, and why the benchmark value is not just winning! 

Our Main Goal

Here at Weddings Inc. our main goal is to provide a seamless and stress-free experience for soonlyweds, helping to connect them with weddings suppliers. We also want suppliers who advertise on our directory to feel supported and equipped with the knowledge to be able to expand their own business. What that means is we care…We really care, about soonlyweds and suppliers alike!

So, we created a wedding industry awards where you can be assured, you can’t buy a badge to say you’re a winner and not everyone will meet the brief to win (We’ve heard the horror stories). It’s an award that truly means you are exceptional in your field. A badge that carries weight and allows soonlyweds to use your services in confidence.

Below we have put together a list of benefits to entering our Weddings Inc, wedding industry awards. If you would like more info on how the process works or to enter your business or nominate an awesome wedding supplier click here. 

Why enter wedding awards

Benefits of entering Weddings Inc. Wedding Industry Awards

- Marketing

The awards process can increase your online presence and increase your market reach, helping to secure you more bookings and increase revenue!

- Price Point

We charge a fair price to help cover the costs of our awards and make it attainable for small business owners to enter.

- Reflection/Benchmarking

Comparing yourself/business to others within your industry can boost your confidence and help you to set realistic goals to grow your business.

- Goal Setting

Critically evaluating yourself/business encourages you to consider your current business position and your dream position, so you can set attainable goals to move closer to meeting your dreams!

- Unbiased

Our Weddings Inc. Wedding Industry Awards has a public vote and industry experts who are independent to the wedding industry. This ensures a fair and trustworthy process based on true evaluations of your business.

- Industry Expert Judging Panel

All our judges are experts within their field. They have a keen eye for business and a rigorous criterion to follow.

- Morale Boost For Employees

Entering the awards lets your employees know that you think they are doing a great job, can motivate them to keep working hard and positively affect the working environment.

- Attract Talent

People want to work for the best in the industry. The awards process identifies those businesses and can increase the calibre of your talent pool.

- Credible 3rd Part Endorsements

Winning or being highly commended lets people know that we think your incredible, and speaks volumes when people search for their wedding suppliers.

- B2B Experience

Business to business marketing is an excellent way to gain experience and understanding about your own businesses’ attributes. Essentially our Weddings Inc. Wedding Industry awards is all about you or your business marketing yourself to us.

- Networking

Join our network of suppliers on Facebook and Instagram to create forge new relationships within your industry.

- Public Vote

Our public vote ensures a fair and honest judging process. You can utilize this by sharing with soonlyweds that have used your service and getting them to vote for you. The more public votes the higher the overall score.

Why The Benchmark Value Is Not Just Winning!

I know its cliché, but it’s the taking part that counts! The process of entering the Weddings Inc. Wedding Industry Awards allows you to focus on areas of your business you might not have spent a lot of time on or thought about. Critically evaluating every inch of your business gives you the ability to set new reflective goals which can propel your business at a faster rate. We ask you questions to helps us to determine the qualities and attributes of you or your company as a wedding supplier.

It can provoke a spike in confidence as you are up against the best in the field or help map out a blueprint of what you need to do to grow and improve. We know it’s difficult to push past your boundaries and this could be the nudge you need!

Whether you’ve been in business for 1 year or 10 years, you’ll know the importance of having a strong online presence. In 2021 and beyond, more and more people are becoming connected, inspired, and more importantly booking their wedding dream team online. Our Weddings Inc. Wedding Industry Awards can increase your online audience and help to solidify your presence within the industry.

Experience is everything, so we think it’s more important than the actual winning, (although that’s nice too) as you can always try again the following year. Paying attention to the process is key, you could possibly pay the £20+ vat, answer all the questions in a couple of minutes an await the results. Or you could treat the entry fee as an investment where you want to reap all the benefits possible, the choice is yours!

Click Here To Register Your Interest/Enter!

Why We Charge You To Enter Our Awards?

Full transparency, we charge £20+ vat to enter our Weddings Inc. Wedding Industry Awards. It allows us to cover the cost of all the man hours put into hosting and judging the event. This includes, scheduling social media, creating awards materials. As well as going through all the nominations/entries, judging all the businesses, responding to emails/messages relating to the awards, and so much more. It also means that we can remain in control of the event and only acquire sponsors that understand our entry needs!

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