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Including Off Seasons

Think to yourself about when is ‘wedding season. This blog will give you all the information that you need to know about wedding season to help make sure you’re special day is perfect and suited to you and your partner.

When Is Peak Wedding Season

It’s important to know when a peak wedding season is when planning a wedding. Due to the many factors of needing venues and suppliers. You will tend to hear people use the term ‘wedding seasons’ but may be unsure what people are referring to?

Knowing when the wedding season allows you to know what you can get with your budget.  Weddings during peak times tend to make prices high and demands too. This can make it difficult when trying to plan your wedding. Due to higher demands for suppliers and venues.

Peak Wedding Seasons

Peak wedding seasons are July, August and September. Wedding season runs from late spring to autumn time (May to October) during the peak times this means that prices become higher due to the weather being warmer and longer days. These make it more available for guests to attend as this is when school holidays are peak which is a positive factor. This makes suppliers and venues become popular with higher demand.

Outdoor weddings then become popular for many soon to be newlyweds; this is because the peak wedding seasons tends to be the hottest seasons in the UK. This opens up more different opportunities and different features you can have on your wedding day.  This makes gorgeous photographs. Flowers are also, in season which makes them be cheaper.


Off Peak Wedding Seasons

You are probably thinking what are the off peak season are for weddings? The off peak season ranges from November to April time. However, January, February and March tends to be the least popular months for weddings. This means that there are fewer demands for suppliers and venues, which has a decrease in prices making it cheaper for you.

Considering having a wedding during the off peak seasons allows you to have a better chance to get the supplier and venue that you want. This is because suppliers will have more availability for your choices on your special day. However, prices may still be high if you are planning to have your wedding during Friday-Sunday. Therefore, having a wedding during a weekday Monday- Thursday allows more chances to stay within the wedding budget.

Having a wedding during the off peak seasons leads to having the uncertainty of the weather having a negative impact if you are planning on having an outdoor wedding. This could have an impact on guests travelling to the wedding.

An opportunity with the off-peak season allows you to explore more themes, for example, Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter. As there are many different factors and schemes you could entwine within your wedding. This can range from beverages, foods, background features and decorations. This will create fantastic photos that you can cherish forever.

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Pros and Cons for a Winter Wedding

A Winter wedding allows you to create a calm and cosy atmosphere. This is great if you want to have candles and fire aesthetics. Comfort foods such as; hot chocolates, warm desirable deserts and hot meals. Depending on the weather having a tent up with heaters and warm cosy lights.

Snowy weather allows you to have a base with different colours to make them stand out. They tend to be darker colours to match the season. However, there are cons to having a winter wedding, for instance, the weather affecting people travelling to the venue and people travelling to other places due to the season.

Also, needing to take clothing into consideration as the weather will be colder than in other seasons. So, it’s important to make sure that appropriate clothing is worn. It’s harder to get natural lighting for photographs. Meaning having to use artificial lighting.

Pros and Cons for a Spring Wedding

A spring wedding range of pastel colours if that’s what you are wanting for your background designs. This is also, a good time for guests to attend as they will be less busy.

Springtime has better weather for outdoor venues. In addition, this works in favour with lighting creating a more natural feel to photographs.

Although, with spring season it makes it harder when planning as supplies and demands are higher than the previous season as it’s off-peak. This makes it harder to book your venues and prices increase.

Therefore, it’s important that you plan ahead. Due to the change in seasons, can have effects on people’s allergies which may have a negative effect.

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Pros and Cons for a Summer Wedding

A summer wedding gives you a wider colour scheme when designing what you want for your wedding. It means that foods are fresher as they will be in season. Days will be longer meaning that evening will be lighter than in off-peak seasons. This is perfect for outdoor weddings, allowing more natural lighting for photographs.

However, there are cons with summer seasons as it’s at its peak time in the wedding industries with means starting planning earlier to ensure you get the date and venue that you desire.

Heat is also a feature that needs to be considered for you and your guest as it may be too hot and ensuring that appropriate clothing worn and refreshments are available

Pros and Cons for a Fall Wedding

A fall wedding allows you to have a more natural backdrop with the leaves falling and the weather being more cooling. Meaning a darker colour scheme with nature giving it a more rustic look and feel. It means that it will get darker sooner but you will still have leeway when sorting out timings.

If you are on a budget it will reduce costs fall is on the off-peak season for weddings. Unfortunately, due to the season, it can have a negative impact on people’s skin due to the change in weather making skin dryer. Also, there may be restrictions to certain venues due to the season which can make it hard to get the venue you are wanting.

Guests may find it harder to attend due to finances as they may have spent money on the previous months.

Covid Affecting Weddings

When the Covid 19 Pandemic hit us all it made it harder for weddings to go ahead. This led to a lot of disappointment for soonlyweds and guests. This puts strains on couples and industries. Now that restrictions have lifted and people are more educated it allows weddings to go ahead as before with slight changes.

The new regulations in place and ensuring that the right equipment is being used allows weddings to carry on. Ensuring that masks, hand sanitiser and social distancing are taken into consideration. Tests either being provided or being done before attending the wedding. This allows families and friends to attend the big special day.

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