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The Millennial Guide to Pick Your Wedding Nails

Weddings Inc. HQ sat down with Josirah, the founder of Tamed By J, to answer all our questions on what to pick for your wedding nails!

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Colour Theory

There is no 1 size fits all nude! Picking the right nude for your wedding nail set is vital. Nude shades come can have grey, pink, orange, or peachy undertones. Choosing a shade lighter than your complexion can make your skin tone too dreary. Josirah recommends, “using your favourite nude lipstick as a guide. Pale skin looks great with a grey or pink-based nude, Peachy nudes look perfect on olive skin, and orangey nudes complement deeper shades.”

Go for bold! It’s your wedding day and rules are made to be broken. White and creams are traditional options, but you could opt to match your nails with your floral arrangements for a modern twist. Go super wild and contrast with your wedding colours, like cobalt blue, so your nails can stand out in your wedding photography. Josirah recommends adding texture or Swarovski crystals to your nail art for the ultimate wedding nail glam!

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The options are endless. Deciding on your colour palette can be overwhelming. Check out the ‘Tamed By J’ Instagram page for tons of inspiration. Josirah specialises in freehand nail design and custom stick-on nails. Create a memorable set with a caricature of yourselves that you can keep forever!

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Length, Shape & Design

Pick a length you can manage. Long nails are not for the faint-hearted. Josirah recommends that if you want to go long for the first time, try out the length a few weeks before your big day to make sure you can manage the set. Factor in if you are doing your own make-up or if your dress is made from a delicate material. Short nails are super practical as well as elegant but limit the amount of space for design.

The most common options for nail shapes include square, round/almond, coffin, stiletto, and tapered square. Josirah favourite is the tapered square but there are also trendy options like the lipstick (which has a slanted nail tip). Stiletto isn’t recommended if you are wearing a lace dress down the aisle.

Josirah recommended, “having a clear idea of what you want before your nail appointment.” Nail artists want nothing more than for you to love your new nail set, especially on your wedding day! However, if you haven’t got a clue and spend the first half of your appointment deciding, it could hinder the artist’s ability to execute the design in time. If you’re super unsure consult with your nail tech a few days before the appointment.

PRO TIP! Contact your nail tech a week before your appointment to explain what you want, if you have a photo send that to them! Make sure they are confident with your design choice and have all the supplies needed to create your wedding set!

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Pick The Right Artist

Josirah, a South London based nail artist with over 5 years of experience, specialises in freehand design. We asked what makes her unique, and she told us, “I think it would have to be that I am a perfectionist when it comes to shape and design. There’s no in-between, prioritising my clients nail health before anything else.” To check out Tamed by J’s extensive gallery of design ideas or book an appointment with her Tamed By J Nails (@tamedbyj).

If you are not located in south London, she recommends you investigate the nail artist you want to use on Instagram. Pay specific attention to their cuticle work and shaping. Watch out for a lumpy acrylic application and look out for wonky nail tips! Also, don’t compromise on your nail health. If the artist is not willing to provide you with the brands they will use on your nails, it’s probably best to air on the side of caution and go somewhere else!

Counterfeit acrylic can cause painful burns, inflammation and infection so go to someone reputable who takes health and hygiene seriously. It’s your wedding day, after all, saving a few extra quid isn’t worth risking your health or spoiling your big day!

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