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A Comprehensive Guide For Your Pre-Marital Beauty Regime.

Have you been wondering… ‘What beauty treatments should I get before my wedding?’ In the perfect world you would manage stress, book appointments to see a multitude of beauty therapists, dermatologists, and more! Although the average household salary in the UK is £30,000, so this is not affordable for all soonlyweds. I’ve put together a guide, including some DIY hacks to have you feeling your best self in time for your big day!

What Beauty Treatments Should I Get Before My Wedding

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Let’s Delve Into Skin Care…

Kiehl’s Skincare

Okay, first find a Kiehl’s store near you. You can speak to super helpful consultants about your skin type, and skin health. Then get directed to the right products for your skin (they also give out a lot of freebies). I’m telling you Kiehl’s works wonders! It has a multitude of active ingredients that can improve the hydration, texture, and look of the skin.

My personal favs include the Midnight Recovery Oil, The Avocado Eye Cream (a little goes a long way; my under eyes have never been so hydrated (oh and remember pat don’t rub), The Clearly Corrective Brightening & Smoothing Moisture Treatment and The Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser. This combo of products will set you back roughly £150 but I think if you can afford it, it’s worth it, considering 1 session (which is never enough) at the dermatologist can cost you the same.

Check Out All Kiehl’s Has To Offer Here: Kiehl’s Since 1851 | Skincare, Body Care & Hair Care | Kiehl’s UK (

What Beauty Treatments Should I Get Before My Wedding

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The Ordinary Skincare

The Ordinary is part of Deciem Inc. umbrella group and focuses of single ingredient products at high strengths. Its worth noting that you should research what each ingredient does for the skin and how often you should apply it before purchasing. As well as what combinations of products should NOT be mixed. With that being said, they are super affordable! Nothing costs more than £15 and you can get entire routine sets for around £30!

There most sort after product (and again 1 of my personal favs) is The AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution which Beauty Bay often limits it to 1 per basket. It’s my beauty secret to glowing smooth skin. It’s a little uncomfortable with a slight tingle but I couldn’t live without it! I also think The Hyaluronic Acid is awesome. It’s basically applying water to the skin which hydrates and plumps the skin (lock it in with your favourite moisturiser). Lastly, I love The Retinal, which they offer in a variety of strengths, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles by increasing the production of collagen.

Shop The Ordinary Skincare Range At Beauty Bay: The Ordinary Skincare Products | BEAUTY BAY

If time allows, I suggest you begin your skincare regimen at least 12 weeks before your big day. This gives your skin the chance to reap all the benefits from the routine and make visible improvements. I’d also like to remind you that although we all strive to look our best, especially on our wedding days, somethings are out of our control. Don’t worry if you can’t or haven’t been able to commit to a beauty treatment routine before getting married. If you think you do need to see a dermatologist, I’d suggest The Harley Street Clinic. They are a board-certified clinic that treats and diagnoses all skin conditions. Harley Street Dermatology Clinic – Experts in Dermatology (

What Beauty Treatments Should I Get Before My Wedding

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A Guide To Body Care

Eyebrows & Lots Of Lashes

For brows I’d suggest you book an appointment at one of the Benefit Bars around the UK. They are super affordable, map out the perfect shape brow and offer waxing and tinting services. I’d suggest you book your first appointment 8 weeks prior, then 4 weeks and then 2 days before the big day (so any redness can settle down). If you’re ready to delve into the world of DIY, check out Eylures range of eyebrow products here : eylure eyebrow tint

Here’s what to expect when you’re expecting a brow service! Brow Services | Benefit Cosmetics – YouTube

Okay, so lashes. Lashes are simple. Book an appointment with a reputable lash technician in your area 4 weeks before. This allows you to go for your patch test, try out a style, make sure you like them and then book in a new set for the week of your wedding. Most technicians offer classic and a variety of Russian volume sets, but prices tend to vary by area and experience. I’d personally use Treatwell: Book Salon Appointments Online – Treatwell, which allows you to search and book appointments online, and read reviews!

Otherwise, strip lashes are amazing these days, setting you back less than £15 with no pre prep necessary! Many brands stock vegan lashes that imitate minks too! Beauty Bay has an extensive range of strip lashes and offer next day delivery.

What About Waxing?

No pain no gain! I’d recommend Treatwell to book your waxing services too. Booking appointments 3-4 weeks prior and then a couple of days before your big day. If you’re up to the challenge, why not try making your own sugar wax. There are many recipes available online/YouTube and will only cost you a couple of quid. Besides its not too painful (subjective I know) and you can enlist your partner/family/friend to help you! I recently sugar waxed my sister, it was such a laugh and we had brilliant results.

Check out my favourite sugar waxing youtuber: [01] DIY SUGAR WAX FOR BEGINNERS | Hair Removal Hack | abetweene – YouTube

What Beauty Treatments Should I Get Before My Wedding

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Body Scrubs

Body scrubs are super good at exfoliating your skin leaving it super smooth! I wouldn’t bother buying a body scrub off the market. They are super easy to create at home with a few ingredients and be customised to suit your own needs. My favourite ingredients to include in DIY body scrubs are ground coffee, brown sugar, and essential oils.

Here’s four base recipes you can use to create your own: 4 DIY Exfoliating Body Scrubs – YouTube

Bronze goddess 

Preparing for your big day might include becoming a bronzed babe. I’d personally recommend Bondi Sands. Bondi Sands self-tanner is a similar option to St. Tropez but for less money. Like the St. Tropez foam, the Bondi Sands foam dries fast and results appear within hours. Trialling out the tan a few weeks before guarantee’s your happy with the colour.

Buy Bondi Sands here Self Tan | Self Tanning Products | Bondi Sands

Spray tanning is another option. You get glorious results this way and can look more natural than self-tanners. Sugared And Sprayed are my personal favourites. They are based in South East London, specialising in natural hair removal and airbrush tanning. Catering to women of ALL shades, shapes, and sizes. I’d suggest going 4-5 days prior to your wedding to allow the colour to develop. Schedule Appointment with Sugared & Sprayed (

Skincare routine

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Why You Shouldn’t Put Pressure On Yourself!

It can get overwhelming preparing for your wedding day. This is a reminder to try to drink lots of water, get some rest and enjoy the process. Remember you are marrying someone you share a special bond with and ultimately that is all that matters! We’ve created the ultimate wedding planner + notes to help you prepare for your wedding. When you’ve decided what beauty treatments you should get before getting married, jot them down in our planners to stay organised. Get yours here: Soonlywed Products Archives – Weddings Inc.

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