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How To Plan The Perfect Small Wedding During COVID Lockdowns

Many brides and grooms are reconsidering their wedding dates. With COVID regulations still causing many issues for weddings and wedding planning, it’s hard to know the right thing to do. You can put back the wedding, and hope that the world will have returned to normality by the new date. But actually, a smaller wedding could work really well for you.

We previously spoke about the benefits of a smaller wedding, but in this blog post we look at how you can plan the perfect small wedding. As you read through these top tips, you’ll quickly see why a small wedding may be perfect for you.

Exclusive-Use Venue

Check that your venue is exclusive use. This means it will be your wedding there and nobody else’s. This will create a more personal and intimate wedding for you both. It also means you’ll have the whole place to yourself. This means you can have flower arches at the entrance, letters of love in the corridor, chalkboard signs outside and more. Instead of creating the room that is perfect for you, you can create a venue that is perfect for you and your wedding.

A VIP Event

Make your wedding a VIP event. If you don’t want Great Aunt Mavis, your friend’s awful boyfriend or your cousins annoying kids, now you have the perfect excuse. You have the chance to be really selective over your guests. You are perfectly entitled to say no children and no plus ones based on the fact it is a smaller wedding with limited numbers. Your guests are now your wedding party, if you so choose. If you don’t want ushers and bridesmaids that’s fine. If you want all your guests to be bridesmaids and ushers, that’s fine too!

Social Media Ban?

Have a think about how you want your friends that couldn’t attend to see your wedding. You may want to have a social media ban. Instead visit friends with the wedding video or wedding photos after your special day so you can relive the day with them. Ask guests not to take photos or ask them to only send you the photos. Then you can upload and share the photos of your intimate wedding day when you are ready.

A Weekday Wedding

Weekday weddings have always been known to cost less than weekend weddings. With less guests, may people working from home and holidays / days off cancelled, a weekday wedding could be the perfect solution to save some money and still have a wonderful wedding day. Think about who your guests are and ask them if a weekday wedding will work. There will be more chance your suppliers will be available, and you’ll have extra money for the wedding décor, dress or honeymoon of your dreams.

Whatever the size of your guest list, when you are both completely in love you are sure to have the perfect wedding day. Intimate weddings are a wonderful place to start creating a memorable, magical and atmospheric day.

Call us now to talk about your wedding planning and how you image your beautiful special day.