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What Are the Different Background Ideas

There are so many different photo background options to choose from. Here you will find the 7 most popular background ideas.

Floral Backdrops

Floral backdrops seem to be very popular when it comes to weddings. Creating a beautiful calm and mood-lifting effect. Using different flowers such as peonies, lavender, roses, and magnolia. Making the most gorgeous background for your perfect dreamy photographs.

If you love being creative this is a simple background to create, by using YouTube as a guide on how to create the backdrop and Etsy as a place of purchasing the material that you need to create the backdrop.

The great thing about floral backdrops is that it allows you to personalise them to your dream day and allow you to explore the different options of styles and colours to them.

Unfortunately, floral backdrops with real flowers can be costly, however, you could bulk it out with fake flowers still creating the perfect background.


Curtain backdrops are a blank canvas in which you are able to personalise by adding different features. For example; lights, flowers, and a projector. Creating the dreamy background for your dream day. Not only are the curtain’s backdrops stunning but also cost-effective.

There are many different places to get a curtain for your background. Amazon has many options to choose from. You may also, want to check out Pinterest to help you get inspired for your background.

Paper Backdrops

Paper backdrops are very unique. Allowing you to create your own personal touch to your dream day. Creating a dreamy backdrop for your guest to be wowed with. Let’s talk about the gorgeous photographs you will have.

You are probably thinking about how time-consuming creating a paper backdrop could be. This is a great idea if you have children or children of the family or other people that can join in. Helping you create a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding. By using Youtube get ideas that you can replicate in your background. Get materials that you may already have a home such as different types of paper, and scissors.  You can buy paper from any local newspaper shops or on Etsy.

Paper backdrops are not only stunning on the eye but also, cost-effective when creating. This is a background that you can look back at and be proud of creating.

Ribbon and Material

This is a great way if you have loads of spare ribbons or other different materials. That everyone has laying around. Just add an arch or frame to use as a base. Whilst you get creative will create a gorgeous backdrop for the background of photos. Make it personalised for your special day. This is a great way to be cost-effective if you are on a budget.

You could get your material online from different websites such as amazon and Esty. Or even your local florist shops.

Black/Chalk Board

Black/chalkboards have become incredibly popular at weddings whether that’s as a backdrop or a feature on the wedding day. This can be of whatever size you would like, allowing you to be creative on a blank canvas.

Personalise it to your special day, this may be having your name and dates on it, or even having other information for the guests. Not only is this a stunning background but also, a great way to guide your guests during the wedding. Allowing guests to have a better understanding of the day.


Not only do you look at the venue for your dream day but why not incorporate it into your photos? Using your venue is a great idea to create a gorgeous background for your wedding pictures. It left you with not only the memory of your wedding day but also a gorgeous photograph to look back on to keep for the future.

Adding your personal features such as your flowers, chalkboards, and lights to your venue, making photographs have a more personal touch.


Photobooths has become incredibly popular due to the social media platform TikTok. Which everyone has been starting to incorporate into their weddings. Photobooths are not only a great way for creating funny and personal pictures but you can also get creative with props. This could be either buying props for the big day or if you are creative making them. You could look online to gain ideas to include in your booth.

Photobooth doesn’t have to be your box standard booth. Why not get creative and do a 360 booth? Getting everyone involved in the action. Creating memorable photos for everyone to keep.

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