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The day is quite literally round the corner!

The wedding planning process is over, and all you can do now is sit and wait with nothing else on your to-do list. Everyone (even your wedding guests!) is under a lot of stress, when it comes to weddings It’s easy to feel overwhelmed while attending an event that’s all about you, whether you’ve been diagnosed with anxiety or you’re normally a confident person who’s experiencing anxiousness you’re not used to. We’re here to help if your joy for saying ‘I do’ is fading away due to all the nerves! Continue reading to learn more and find out some ways to handle the night before wedding nerves.

Your experience is completely normal

You are not alone! Nervousness and anxiety are completely valid in any situation and more than understandable for having them the day before your wedding. Whether you’re having a lowkey event or you’re pulling out all the stocks for the dream wedding you want. Pre-wedding nerves/ anxiety are more common in women but that doesn’t mean to say that men cannot experience nerves as well. Historically, being married was the highlight of a woman’s life, and whoever she chose (or her father chose) was a reflection of his identity and her future identity. Although this is no longer the case today, it is a subliminal message that can add extra weight and a heavy strain to what is already a significant event in your life.

The bottom line is that a wedding is simply one day, although that one day has been meticulously planned and is about to be executed, what counts most is what follows after the wedding. Bringing together groups of individuals who may have never met before, as well as combining the fairy-tale vision that so many of us have fantasised about with the problems that everyone faces, is a challenging process for anybody. Every couple that goes on this monumental event experiences some level of fear, so know you are not alone.

“hey, can i talk to u?”

Both you and your partner should have two main people you can turn to. Depending on how traditional you’re going your partner can be one of them e.g. not seeing or sleeping in the same room as your partner the night before your wedding. Your partner is going to be there for you and most chances are there probably sharing some of the same anxieties as you as well, it’s a time in which you two should be able to successfully rely on each other. After all, it’s about both of you!

whether it’s a bridesmaid, best man, parent, or anybody else engaged in wedding planning Everyone should have someone to look out for them in their daily lives, but now, more than ever, you’ll need to build a support system to confide in and, most importantly, to be there for you if you have any issues. Being upfront and honest is one of the most powerful methods to regulate and relieve stress. Your support system has been there for you throughout the wedding preparation process and will continue to be there for you until you say, “I do.” So, pop them a message, or if you are going the traditional route and not seeing your partner up until the ceremony, have a sleepover and have the chance to get everything off your chest and most importantly some precious bestie time!

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Nourish your body

Do not underestimate the power of a nice glass of refreshing water and putting all the right nutrients and vitamins in your body! Of course, one smoothie isn’t going to take all your anxiety but being hungry definitely will not help your nerves. Fuel your body will foods that are both comforting and familiar to help give you strength for your day. Order food and have someone from your bridal party come over, first and foremost this will be super helpful for your body and second of all eating alone is never fun. A hearty meal never hurt anyone! And that goes for your breakfast on the day of your wedding as well! You should start your day right every day but especially the day of your wedding, A tea of your choice paired with a nutritious breakfast is not a bad way to start the day (breakfast in bed, the best thing ever!) Many brides think they are too nervous or thrilled to eat first thing in the morning, but it is critical, after all, it’s the most important meal of the day!

Check out this video to get some easy breakfast recipes!

Asses your surroundings

Many people stay at their venue the night before, for some, it’s an even more calming experience as their getting pampered the way they want and enjoy all the things the place has to offer. Or if not their venue a nearby hotel that is only a short distance from the venue. But depending on where you live and where your venue is many choose to stay home. Home is where the heart is, after all, familiarity is what eases many people so if the idea of staying overnight somewhere doesn’t seem like your idea of fun, stay home! It may take you longer to fall asleep the night before your wedding than usual, so go to bed a bit early and give yourself that extra time to unwind. Comfortable bedding and a soothing playlist are your best bet for a good night’s sleep.  Routines for some are is what brings comfort, so do what you’d normally do whether that be, meditating watching TV, catching up on social media or even listening to sounds to help you fall asleep. Doing the things, you do on a regular basis can help you relax and fall asleep quickly.

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