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How to make the most out of your business this year

As wedding suppliers, we are naturally creative and resourceful. If we weren’t, we definitely learnt how to be over the last 18+ months. While larger weddings are back on the horizon once more, some couples have chosen to go for a smaller affair. Normality is returning for lots of happy couples, but others are still wary.

Here at Weddings Inc, we want all our wedding suppliers to have an incredible start to the new year. This is why we have put together a blog post talking about smart marking to help your wedding business succeed in 2022.

What Can you offer?

One of the smartest things you can do when married couples are deciding between the big or small wedding, is offer both. This way the happy couples can still have your amazing wedding services, regardless of the size of their wedding. The couples that are not keen on larger weddings will still be able to use you, instead of going elsewhere. If there are couples that are going from a planned small wedding to a large wedding for the new year, then you can help them too.

So that’s your existing couples sorted, but what about new couples? How can you use smart marketing for wedding business success in 2022 and attract new couples to your fabulous wedding offerings?

Use your website to its full extent

You need to talk about the fact you can do big and small weddings everywhere. Create copy for your website based on small weddings, create another page on your website that is based on larger weddings. Offer packages on each page so the potential couples can see what your offering is and how it changes between big and small weddings. By having set-up packages, you are showing potential clients that you know what you’re doing, and you’re experienced in what couples need for their special day.

Don’t forget about your socials

The same thing needs to be done on social media too. Share posts about micro weddings, intimate weddings, large wedding celebrations, backyard weddings, post-COVID weddings and more. Think about using these as hashtags in your social media posts too. These will all be the sorts of words that will attract happy couples planning their weddings. Include links to blog posts where they can find out more. Use photos of your wedding services at other weddings too. This will help inspire the couples and show them how amazing your wedding services are.

Want more tips for smarter marketing for your wedding business success in 2022? Keep an eye on our blogs, follow us on the socials, or drop us an email.

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