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10 Tips For Planning Your Tipi Wedding

A Tipi is the perfect wedding venue for anyone who wants a cool festival vibe. Here are our top tips for planning your outdoor tipi wedding.

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What Is A Tipi?

A tipi is a venue structure that is portable. It can be customised to fit your wedding aesthetic and can be linked with other tipis to create larger venue’s. It has become a really popular choice as of late. It is a blank canvas (quite literally) that you can customise and get super creative with.

Traditionally tipis/tepees were made from animal hide and wood poles, today you can often find vegan alternatives made from synthetic materials. They can withstand the harshest weather conditions which is great for the unpredictable British weather. Treat your wedding guests to a truly you experience, fully customising your tipi to suit your theme.

Phil and Becky’s Tipi Wedding

As the night rolls in, your guests can venture outside the tipi, to take in the night sky creating beautiful intimate memories. Show of your personality and add extra’s like wood burning fires and heaters so your wedding party are cosy and comfortable.

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Our Top Tips

It’s super important to make sure you have a venue/grounds that can accommodate your tipi. Do your research on what tipi you want first and then present this information to the venue/grounds before booking your tipi.

Understand the legality around celebrating your wedding in a tipi. In England/Wales you are unable to get legally married in a tipi. You will have to get married beforehand and have a celebrant led ceremony. The laws in Scotland allow you to marry in a tipi!

A tipi is essentially a blank structure. Create a clear plan of décor to fully customise your tipi. Having a sparce tipi can detract from the vibe (unless minimalism is your vibe).

Have a clear them in mind before you start purchasing accessories. Enchanted nights? Coachella? French Riviera? Whatever your theme, research, budget, plan then buy. Nothing worse than not being able to get complete your dream theme due to supply issues (especially in a post covid world).

Don’t underestimate lights! Having sparkling fairy lights can set a beautiful ambience. Consider different types of lighting to fit your celebration. Drop lights and even strategically placed flood lights with filters can create the perfect mood. If your celebrations are planned to go well into the night, make sure your lighting choices are bright enough!


We love the great British weather but its unpredictable. Having plan B, C, D will ensure your wedding day goes a smooth as possible. (Sorry, but we had to shout for this one) Unless you’re going for a Glastonbury wellies wedding day, we need you to factor this in, please. Xo

Manage your expectations and logistics. Grass and stilettos are a big no no! A 10ft long train in a 16ft venue might not leave room for your guests. Do people have to drive hours to get to your venue? If so, they’ll need parking spaces and they may need accommodation nearby, especially if it’s a boozy celebration. Look at the what ifs with a magnifying glass.

Make sure your guests know what to expect on the big day too! Do they need their big coats for the evening etc? You want them to enjoy the experience along with you so be clear so they can be prepared!

Lean into your surroundings. Pick flowers, décor, and accessories to match the landscape around you. This can make your venue look really impactful as it flows with its natural surroundings.

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What Are The Different Types Of Wedding Tents?

There are several tent types that you can pick from. Picking the correct one for your wedding day needs can make a big difference. If a tipi isn’t the right choice, here are some tent alternatives.

  • Naked Tipi – Perfect for summer alfresco dining with gorgeous aesthetic appeal. Serentipi are one of the first venue hire companies to offer naked tipis within the region. Prices start from £435
  • Yurt – Catering for a large party? Round house Yurt hire can provide you with furnished 28FT yurt hire, hand crafted and tailored to perfection.
  • Classic Marquee – Made from traditional cotton canvas, Vintage Marquees has options to seat 50-300 guests with prices starting from £1550.
  • Bell Tent – Celebrate your nuptials with boho festival vibes. Create bespoke packages to accommodate your guests. Prices start from £300, book 15x bell tents and be treated to a FREE honeymoon suite with Loveabell.
  • Sailcloth Tent – Book the 5* google rated sami tipi for an unforgettable wedding celebration.
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