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More and more people are spending increasing amount of time on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. This is why it is so important that you are on these platforms too. Facebook and Instagram, as just two examples, can really help increased your bookings. 

Social media is a brilliant marketing tool and it’s free to use. Plus, your wedding customers and target audience are there. This is why it is so important for you to be on social media too. Spending just a short amount of time creating new blog posts each day will help boost the visibility of your wedding business online.  

Now you know the importance of using social media for your wedding business, let’s look at how you can go about using social media for your wedding business. 

Be Visual

Your target audience are dreaming of their perfect day. Put that dream into reality by showing them what you offer and how it looks. Sharing photos of your products in various wedding venues is a great idea. It shows your audience what your products look like, but it shows them what it could look like in their chosen wedding venue too. Images will perform better than just text posts, so make sure you take and use as many images as possible. 

Be Consistent

While posting on social media can take time, you need to be consistent. There is no point posting loads in a few days and then nothing for a few months. People will be unlikely to follow your page, but you may find that they think you’re no longer in business if you have stopped posting. There are so many different things you can share. Top tips for brides and grooms, details of any special offers, links to blog posts on your website, photos of recent weddings and questions to get engagement from your audience. 

Get Tagging

If people in your photos are happy to be tagged (double check) then tag them in your photos too. This could be the bride and groom cutting your cake, the bouquets in the hands of the bridesmaids or the dress the mother of the bride is wearing, for example. You could also tag the suppliers that have products in the same photo too. This last one is a great way of promoting your wedding business to the audience of another supplier, which can really boost your brand and business awareness. 

The Importance of Using Social Media For Your Wedding Business


Find out who the happy couple are using for their videographers and photographers and connect with them. These wedding businesses will be there throughout the wedding. They will have photos of you’re the products your wedding business suppliers, in use. Look out for their social media posts after the big day and share them on your own page. Praise the photographer or videographer to grow the relationship for when you work together again. 

What Next?

What do you want people on social media to do when they see your post? This is called a ‘Call To Action’. Tell them what to do. Maybe they should complete an online form, contact you by phone, share the post, email you or comment below? Tell the reader what you want them to do next, to encourage them to do it!