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It’s great that in this modern day we have more freedom to create the perfect wedding that suits the unique tastes of the couple. Make the most of this. Think about what you like and what you and your partner enjoy. Then, create a wedding to suit it. This steam punk wedding shoot is the perfect example of exactly that.

Steam Punk Wedding Shoot

The Wedding Venue

The wedding shoot was based around the steam punk style. This meant that the wedding venue had to match the style and mood. The venue chosen for the steam punk wedding shoot was The Viaduct. There are great shapes around the venue that look great in the photos. The brick walls offer the perfect backdrop for the colour of the dress and the darker accessories too.

Steam Punk Wedding Shoot

The Colour Palette

When you think steam punk, you think silvers, blacks and purples. These are exactly the colours we opted for in our wedding colour palette to create the perfect steam punk wedding shoot. The darker colours really helped the white dress pop. It made for a stunning contrast.

Steam Punk Wedding Shoot

The Wedding Dress

The long lace wedding dress with the huge train and gorgeous lace sleeved gloves matched the style of the steam punk wedding shoot to perfection. The colour palette helped the white wedding dress pop. When you think steam punk you think lace, so again, this made for the perfect wedding dress for the style of the wedding. The corset top of the wedding screams steam punk, while the incredibly details and beautiful train to the dress just adds to the look and feel of the traditional wedding.

Steam Punk Wedding Shoot

How To Create A Steam Punk Wedding Yourself

When it comes to the steam punk style for a wedding, less is more. It’s important to keep it simple, especially when this style is so easy to go over the top with. The key is to keep it simple, then you can more as you go along. This will help you achieve the perfect image for your special steam punk wedding day.

If you would like to create a wedding style like this for your special day, call our team. We can connect you with the suppliers from this shoot or recommend suitable wedding suppliers nearer to your wedding location.

Steam Punk Wedding Shoot

Meet The Team!

Dresses:  Fross Wedding Collections

Photographer : Cole-Young Photography

Hair and Make Up Artists : MakerOver

Flowers : Chirpee Flowers by Steph Willoughby