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Family friendly or adults only?

It’s a question you should ask yourself early on in the wedding planning process, but it has the potential to irritate some of your guests, who may decide not to attend as a result. The thought of having babies, toddlers or even older children at your wedding may have a few challenges but if you can’t make up your mind to the ever so awkward question of should I have kids at my wedding? Keep reading!

The Earlier, the better

As previously said, the earlier you make your decision, the more time you’ll have to consider how you’ll write it on your invites. The reality of accommodating large families is sometimes more difficult than anticipated. The best place to start is your budget. Do you have enough room to provide kids meals, games at your reception and even childcare on your wedding day? Of course, you don’t have to do all three of those things but even if you decide to do one, make sure there’s enough room in the budget for it. You and your partner will need to figure out how to deal with this difficult circumstance, and, more crucially, how to avoid having the kids disrupt or misbehave on your wedding day. If you already have children, this should serve as a guideline for what you should do.

Your wedding is about you and your partner, not children overrunning it. But there are obviously a few exceptions you could make. Naturally, consider your own children, as well as those in the bridal party or groomsmen who have children. You’re bound to upset anyone with whatever decision you make whether it be a family-friendly event or an adult-only party. So, either stick with people in your immediate family who have children or people in your bridal party to let them bring their children along. This way you get to include them in fun wedding traditions you might have on your day, e.g., flower girls and page boys without your wedding becoming a playground for children to run wild.

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Be Clear about your decision

Ok, so you’ve made your decision, now what? Well, you’re going to have to let your guests know about it. How you let them know is up to you ultimately, but whether it be through a simple text or included on your invites, you’ll need to include:

. A clear statement saying if children are or are not invited: if you choose not to have them at your wedding, don’t over-explain yourself, just a short, simple sentence

. Specific children who are invited: When doing your invites make sure you have the correct number of invites that say they can bring children.

. How parents should act accordingly: If you chose to invite certain children, wedding guests may be disappointed when they learn they won’t be able to bring their children, so be patient and gentle if issues arise.

If you aren’t having any children at your wedding but aren’t sure how to phrase it, try using one of these sentences at the bottom of your invites:

.” Please keep in mind that this is an adults-only event.”

. “We are not able to accommodate children due to capacity limits”

. “Our special day is meant for adults only, & we hope to see you there!”

We also recommend calling the parents a week before your wedding, just to make sure that it is an adult-only event and make sure that they have arrangements made for their children (or for them to stay home if they’re old enough).

Not sure how to approach the awkward conversation? Check out this video on how to tell your guests you’re not having children at your wedding!

Things to Keep in Mind

It’s a major decision to make and you should put a lot of thought into, whether to have children at your wedding or not or having specific children at your wedding. Like with any aspect of wedding planning, always discuss it with your partner, if they’re on a completely different page than you, take time and plan on how you’ll come to a middle ground with one another. As long as you prepare beforehand and then navigating this awkward, grey area of wedding planning, there should be no issue.

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