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If you love fashion, then you’ll love this wedding shoot. It’s a shabby meets luxury wedding style that has been inspired by fashion photographers such as Peter Lindberg, Paolo Roversi and Richard Avedon. As you can see through the style of the shoot, similar to these fashion photographers, the photos are sincere and candid lifestyle shots, as opposed to classically styled photos. If this is something you like the idea of, why not have a read of this blog.

habby Meets Luxury Wedding Style

The Shabby Meets Luxury Wedding Style Venue

This wedding shoot took place at one of the most famous lakes in the Bavarian region. This makes it one of the most popular photo spots in the area. It is a well-known location for boathouses on the banks of the water, which look stunning. The lake along with the fog, the mountains and the shabby-chic boathouses create the perfect backdrop for this themed wedding shoot. It’s a naturally decorated venue for bridal portraits. No additional decorations are needed as it’s just – there!


Shabby Meets Luxury Wedding Style

The Shabby Meets Luxury Wedding Style Dress

One of the wonderful things about this wedding shoot is that it’s about a cool and confident woman in a white dress. She shines like a diamond, instead of blinding with thousands of crystals. This bride catches everyone’s eye because she is true to herself. The wedding gown brings a luxury romantic feel to the rustic nature of the setting. It is a glamorous and floral dress that is nature-inspired. It’s beautiful against the backdrop of the shabby-chic outdoor venue.

Shabby Meets Luxury Wedding Style

The Shabby Meets Luxury Wedding Style Colour Palette

Due to the theme of the shoot and the backdrop, the colour palette had to remain minimalistic. This included blues, white and green. These colours were achieved with ease. The blues can through in the water and the mountains. White can be seen in the dress and the green comes through in the bridal bouquet.

Shabby Meets Luxury Wedding Style

Want To Create The Shabby Meets Luxury Wedding Style Yourself?

If you would like to create this look, style and finish for your special day, the key rule to follow is to keep it simple. The bride needs to be the centre of attention to make this style of shoot work. Sometimes you can make photos attractive with lots of lights and decorations. However, for a shoot like this, you need to keep it minimalistic. This means concentrating on the quality and mood of the portraits, instead of everything around it.


Do you really like the style of this wedding shoot? Contact our team and we can connect you with local wedding suppliers to help you achieve this Shabby Meets Luxury Wedding Style for your special day.


Shabby Meets Luxury Wedding Style

Photographer: Natalya Reznik Fotografie

Make-Up Artist: Natalya Reznik Fotografie

Wedding Dress: Herzzauber – Mein Hochzeitsladen

Jewellery: Kreaia Schmuck und Design

Drone photo / video: Peter Brunner

Wedding stationery: Artful September

Nails & Brows: Nail & Brow Bar Mon Lis

Flower Shop: Blütenraum – Floral Art