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Most happy couples chose the summer months as the perfect time to get married. However, this isn’t always the perfect time for a wedding. Guests may have family holidays booked so they can’t attend. You may find the weather is too hot. It is often the case that you have to book a summer wedding, years in advance as it is such a popular time to get married meaning suppliers and venues are booked up well in advance.

So, how about an autumn wedding?

Rustic woodland wedding

The Venue

This autumnal rustic woodland wedding shoot will show you just how fabulous an autumn wedding can look.

Let’s think about autumn. Automatically you think of the autumn colours. Colours like oranges, reds and golds. Gold is a really popular colour for weddings and when you choose autumn as the season to get married in, you are surrounded with shades of gold as your natural backdrop.

Autumn months don’t mean that outdoor or woodland weddings aren’t possible. How about a marquee in the woodland? One example of this is The Hill Farm House where this marquee and outdoor wooded area creates the perfect venue for your wedding.

Rustic woodland wedding

The Style

As you can see in this autumnal rustic woodland wedding shoot, autumn flowers are in abundance. They offer full shapes and stunning colours that add warmth, depth and that rustic appeal to your wedding. You won’t need huge bouquets and massive vases with multipole flowers. Instead just one of two fuller autumn flowers or reeds will work perfectly, adding to your wedding theme.

rustic woodland wedding

The Cake and Outdoor Cinema

The cake for this autumnal rustic woodland wedding shoot stood out and grabbed attention, while stunningly matching the theme of the wedding. A plain white wedding cake with beautiful gold drips down the side, adding to the beautiful autumnal style.

How about an outdoor cinema for the evening reception? Choose your favourite movie and give your guests blankets to sit back and enjoy the film with you. It’s the perfect evening for everyone and gives you a chance to relax in the arms of your loved one, surrounded by friends and family.

Rustic woodland wedding

Our Thoughts

The hanging lights really came to life throughout the woodland in the evening, bringing a magical and romantic feel to the wedding. While they were there throughout the day, the evening darkness showed off their true beauty in a way only an autumnal evening could.

If you are considering an autumnal rustic wedding for your special day, call our team. Or perhaps you have seen something that you like in this shoot and would like to add it to your own wedding? Whatever you need, we are here to help.

rustic woodland wedding

Venue: The Hill House Farm
Photographer: Blonde Shot 
Concept, Styling & Design :Junie Poonie Events
Stationery : Junie Poonie 
Florist: Willow and Wild Floral Events
Model: Nicola Rose @nicola_marston
Hair & Mua: Amy Louise Beauty 
Grazing: The Gourmet Dinner Lady
Cake: Oh My Cakery 
Hair Accessories: Miss Clemmie
Umbrellas & Blankets: Brolly Bucket 
Gift Candles: Olive Tree Candle House
Oversized Letters: Velvet Chalk
Outdoor Cinema Set Up: Oh My Screenery 
“Boomtingalings” that swayed majestically in the trees Boomting Bunting