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Have you decided that you want to avoid the stress of wedding planning and just get away from it all? Perhaps you have decided that instead of a large wedding, you’d like a smaller affair with just close friends and loved ones? Then how about eloping? Eloping was traditionally seen as something negative, but now it can be something truly beautiful. In this blog post we share details of a Romantic Boho Elopement Wedding.

A bride and groom styled in boho clothing gor a Romantic Boho Elopement

The Style of The Elopement Wedding

The mountains at this location made for the perfect backdrop for a romantic boho elopement wedding. This set the style of the shoot, and when you look at the photos of this wedding shoot you can tell why. The rocky location of the shoot added an extra element to the boho theme. While it was a 15-minute hike to the location, but it definitely met the style.

A bride and groom celebrating in a Romantic Boho Elopement

The Key Details of The Romantic Boho Elopement Wedding

The first key detail of this romantic boho elopement wedding is the dress. It is a beautiful boho themed lace dress. The second key detail is the triangle arches. With the backdrop of the mountains, these work beautifully. The flowers added to the triangles add to the romantic and boho feel. The pampas flowers added to the arches gave a really nice romantic flare to the romantic boho elopement wedding shoot. One of the great things about these is that were made of wood. This means they will last forever.

A bride and groom standing in front of triangle arch for a Romantic Boho Elopement

The Colour Palette Of The Romantic Boho Elopement Wedding

The colour palette for this romantic boho elopement wedding was nudes and creams, along with dusty rose and earthy greens. The arch was then stained dark brown so it could help the colours of these flowers stand out. As you can see by the photos, the colour palette of this romantic boho elopement wedding works beautifully and meets the romantic boho feel in a truly beautiful way.

A bride holding her bouquet of flowers for a Romantic Boho Elopement

Tips To Create A Romantic Boho Elopement Wedding

The first thing to make this shoot work is the location. It needs to be a location that has muted or earthy tones. The rocks in this shoot, for example, create the perfect balance and are not overpowering. Another top tip to create this shoot is to find a great florist. They will be able to find the flower that you are dreaming of for your special day. The flowers are a huge part of the ‘boho’ vibe of any wedding day.

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A bride in nature posing for a Romantic Boho Elopement

Meet The Team!

Host/planner/Photographer: Enspire Studios 

Florist: Columbine Flower Creations  

Hair Stylist: Muse Modern Salon 

Arch Maker: Enspire Studios 

Dress: Lulus