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You may have started your wedding business by accident. Perhaps your friend was getting married and you made some wedding favours for her, designed your brothers wedding invites or made the wedding cake for your neighbour? Word got round and you started doing it for a few more friends, then their friends and overtime the ‘hobby’ became more a business.

So, what now? Now you’ve decided you really enjoy the hobby and want to make it your full-time job and main income. But how you can you take your wedding business from a hobby to a real business? 

Here are our top tips for how you can take your wedding business to the next level. It is possible to turn your hobby into a real business and these tips will help you.


Think about who your target audience are. This might not always be who the product or service is for, but who is buying it and who is involved in that buying process. For example, will the mother in law buy the wedding dress or will a bridesmaid attend all the appointments with the bride? Think about how you can target all these people, in the right way.


You need to create a strong brand. The logo that you made on a word document, needs to be taken to the next level. This will show your potential customers that you are serious about your business. When you have the logo right, then look to create a professional image of your business through photos, social media, marketing materials and more.


Invest in good quality photos. These are what sets apart the ‘hobby businesses’ and the ‘professional wedding businesses’. Your customers want to work with a professional wedding business because they know they won’t be let down. A hobby business will have other priorities, such as their full-time job. However, a professional wedding business will be focused on their clients. Good quality photos will capture the professionalism of your business.


Charge for your time. When your wedding business is a hobby you don’t charge for your time. Often those with hobby businesses will think their time is free and not want to charge for it. However, when it’s your ‘real’ business, you need to charge for your time. This could be meetings, appointments, designs, packaging and more. 

If you are ready to up your wedding business game, give us a call. We work with lots of business owners who began their journey as a hobby. They are now professional wedding suppliers that we happily recommend to our couples.