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Weddings Inc. Mental Health Series

Planning your wedding can be extremely stressful. The process can be taxing on your mental health, physical wellbeing, and finances. At Weddings Inc. we want the process to be enjoyable and fulfilling, so here are 20 tips to make planning your wedding day less stressful.

Create A List

You probably know planning your wedding requires creating endless lists of suppliers, dates, tick boxes and so much more! However, arguably the most important list you may write is this one – “my support system”. To begin write out the names of all the people you feel safe and positive around. After each name, you can detail what type of support they offer. For example, “Emma – perfect nights out always” or “Alexia – cuddles and crying” or “Mum – candid conversations”.

Defining the roles of the people you care about is the perfect exercise to feel gratitude for the space you are in and a handy list for times you need support from these people. You can even approach the people on the list and let them know you feel loved and supported around them. Ask them if they would mind being part of your support system throughout the planning process so they are on standby!

Give Yourself Enough Time

We know how it excited the prospect of marriage can be, so can understand why soonlyweds try to rush the process of planning the wedding. Our rule of thumb is to give yourself 12 full months to plan your wedding. If you want a popular venue, it may be advantageous to start the planning even earlier to be able to secure the date! Dress alterations, shipping in décor, and even the small things like choosing your wedding day nail set, all takes time. Each element should be appreciated and enjoyed so allow yourself the time and space to do so.

Try not to get caught up on a specific date, especially if it is less than a year away. It adds strain to the process and can negatively impact your relationship. We understand in certain circumstances how a date holds a lot of sentimental value, so if it has a short turnaround then try and limit your expectations and be willing to compromise. Keep in mind, that dates with true sentimental value will continue to hold sentiment regardless of whether you get married on it or not.

Keep You in Mind

Remember why you are getting married… Now, remember who the marriage is for!

Your wedding day is the beginning of a union between yourself and the person you love dearly. Keeping this in mind throughout the process should help to challenge any bridezilla tendencies that can derail the process. Guests at your wedding are spectators in that union and therefore the energy around you will make the biggest difference. We’re saying that to say, the colour of the drop sashes, or whether the tables are square or round, doesn’t really matter. Let go of the things you cannot control and embrace the things you can.

Try to book fun or romantic things to do throughout the planning process. Some of these things can be solo if you feel like you need to recharge but also include your fiancé on a few! Planning a wedding while working, maintaining a home, and maybe looking after children is no easy task!

Finding time to reconnect with yourself or your partner can do amazing things for your mind and make the process far more enjoyable. Go the step further and don’t discuss the wedding during these times. Also, consider doing things with friends/family that aren’t wedding related.

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Inside Out

Maintaining healthy habits throughout the process can make it that much easier. Remembering to drink water and rest are super easy things to implement. If you have an ideal weight for your wedding, try to hit your goal before you start planning your wedding. This way you can focus on maintenance. Also, keep in mind, you’ll look stunning regardless and most dresses are altered to fit your body uniquely. Don’t put pressure on yourself to look a certain way and just get a dress that actually fits!

Make sure to eat enough food with nutritional value! It can be so tempting to diet, but these trendy diets tend to come with a lot of side effects. Having constant headaches or being cranky because you are always hungry is never fun for anybody. Eat well and eat until you’re full. Treating yourself to something indulgent now and again will keep your soul happy.

Something we do advocate for is reducing your alcohol consumption throughout the planning process. The majority of alcohol has copious amounts of sugar which are bad for the body and mind. Reducing the amount of alcohol, you put in your body will increase your quality of sleep and improve your daily mental well-being.

Money vs Mental

Make a decision about your financial situation. Weddings don’t come cheap, but you can save a lot by keeping things simple. Dipping into other saving pots is never a good idea. It can leave you feeling guilty and play on your mind. Setting out a budget and sticking to that can help. Try out our wedding budget calculator to find out how to split your budget.

Once you have decided on your budget write a list of all the things you are willing to compromise on, this can help you to see the bigger picture when you need it the most! This part should be done as a couple. It gets you on the same page from the start so you can avoid rows over finances during the process.

Plan then plan more!

You can never be too prepared. Download our FREE to-do list and purchase our wedding planner and wedding notes to get the planning started. It has everything you need to plan your wedding in detail. Check out our wedding inspiration blogs to give yourself ideas for your wedding. We have practical blogs too, which tell you how to go about things and our FAQ section equips you with all the knowledge you need!

Once you’ve got acquainted with all your planning resources begin to work through the process. Taking the time to go into detail about time scales, check-ins, appointments, and travel times. Planning out the minutia of details and implementing contingencies can help you to avoid disasters! Add to the notes who needs to attend each appointment and send a text to confirm this with them.

Set a reminder on your mobile to re-confirm with them, 7 days before the appointment and another reminder to text them the day prior. Explain to your wedding party that’s how you will operate as you understand everyone has busy lives and things can be forgotten – this way they know you aren’t pestering them. Having these types of things planned out limits disappointment which can take a toll on your mental health.

For example, you have a cake tasting appointment. Write out the location, time, and date into your planner. Follow that up by checking out your travel plan. Include the time you need to leave in your notes adding an extra 15/20 mins to account for delays or traffic. Doing so will mean you won’t be rushing around. This is great for the mind as it stops it from going into overdrive. If you are early grab a hot drink or take in your surroundings for a few minutes.

Being on time for appointments is not just important for you but also for the wedding suppliers.

Tips to Tackle Mental Health While Wedding Planning

  • Write a support system list and contact them for support.
  • Take time to appreciate the people who love you.
  • Give yourself at least 12 months to plan your wedding.
  • Keep in mind the wedding is for you and your partner.
  • Book a few fun or romantic dates.
  • Take time for yourself.
  • Do things unrelated to planning your wedding with friends.
  • Set times to not discuss wedding planning.
  • Eat well.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Treat yourself to something indulgent.
  • Get high-quality sleep.
  • Cut down on alcohol consumption.
  • Set a budget and stick to it.
  • Write a list of the things you are willing to compromise on.
  • Download our FREE to-do list.
  • Buy our wedding planner+ notes.
  • Use our blogs and FAQ pages to figure out exactly what you want.
  • Set reminders on your phone.
  • Plan for things going wrong.

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