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Full Guide for Children at Your Wedding

Finding it hard to cater to children? In this blog, we will be talking about how to host the little ones at your wedding. Guiding you throughout the process. Start to finish. So, you can enjoy your dream wedding without any hiccups.

How Children Are Usually Involved in Weddings

It’s usually traditional to have children involved in weddings. You may have little kiddos or children within the family or friends that you may want to include on your dream day. When planning for children at your wedding it is advised to plan ahead. As children at weddings can create some difficulties.

However, some couples may decide on a child-friendly ceremony or reception. Making other plans for the kiddos to be present throughout the day. But it’s important to take into consideration that a lot of children cannot sit around for hours.

Children Participating in Your Dream Day

There are many roles that children can participate in. Creating the most incredibly cute photographs that you can cherish forever.


  • Flower Girls – Carries a basket with petals when going down the aisle. Normally wears some flowers; either in their hair or hands.
  • Page Boys – Helps the bride with their train when walking down the aisle or walks down the aisle with the Flower Girls.
  • Ring Bearer – Carries the box/ pillow with the rings down the aisle.
  • Guest Book Attendant – Stand near the wedding guest book, for guests to sign.
  • Bridesmaids – Will get ready with the bride and walk down the aisle before the bride.
  • Usher – Carries out the roles as the Page Boy or Ring Bearer.
  • Bouquet Bearer – Holds the bouquet for the bride.


Step 3- Starting the Guest List

This is the perfect time to think about guests at your wedding. Why not sit down with your partner and create a list.  This doesn’t have to be set in stone just yet. Although having a rough idea of who you are wanting at the wedding will help later on when planning your dream day.

You may now have a better idea for bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, and page boys. Allowing you to plan the rest of the wedding.

If you are planning an adult-only wedding. This allows guests to make arrangements for childcare in advance for your wedding.

Check out our ultimate wedding notes for any extra ideas you have while planning!

Making Sure Children Are Comfortable

It is adorable to dress children up in big dresses and suits. But you need to remember that children will be wearing that all day long. So, it’s important to make them feel comfortable throughout the day.

When deciding the wedding attire for the children, it’s a good idea to include them when choosing. They will be able to help you know whether or not they will be comfortable in the clothing. Without, doing this it may lead to a change in mood of the children throughout the day because they are uncomfortable.

There are many different places to get outfit ideas for the children no matter what your budget may be. Either that’s looking at cheaper alternatives such as; Next or boutiques. Also, it might be an idea to bring some spare clothing for the reception for the children to change into.

Children Can Be Fussy Eaters

Children don’t want to sit and eat a 3-course fancy meal. So, it might be an idea to speak to your caterers about doing a child-friendly menu for the children, depending on their dietary needs. Whether that’s doing picky foods for them such as; nuggets, sandwiches, mini pizza and sausage rolls. Or even main meals such as; spaghetti with sauce and fish fingers with veg and mash.

Not only will the children will be catered for but they will be happier with meals presented to them that they are familiar with. You will also save money as they won’t be having the same as everyone else.

Including appropriate drinks for the little ones to have such as; water, juice, and soft drinks to keep them hydrated for the day ahead. Whilst adults enjoy a glass of fizz.

Wanting to Fight Boredom at Your Wedding with Entertainment for Children

You don’t want your wedding speech to be ruined by bored little ones. Why not create a space for the children to go whilst the speech is on? This may be a separate room with other adults in to supervise the children. Whilst the children go and burn some energy off, this could be a bouncy castle if your venue is outdoors. If not, maybe have a little disco for the kiddos to bust some moves.

Maybe even considering a kid’s area for the children to go whenever they like. This could have different games such as board games, wedding activity packs, arts & crafts. For outdoor weddings have different child-friendly games such as; hopscotch, ring toss, and rides. This will keep the little ones entertained whilst you enjoy your dream day.

Check out this video on how to entertain children at your wedding!

Are Nannies a Good Idea at Weddings?

It’s worth considering hiring a nanny at weddings, to take care of the children. Will allow you to be less stressed. Allowing you to enjoy your dream day without any hiccups from the little ones. They will take the responsibility that you would normally have. Taking care of any of the children’s needs throughout the wedding. Making sure that they are well looked after.

They will help the little ones with toileting and feeding requirements. Ensuring that there are appropriate baby changing stations for the babies to be changed throughout the day.

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