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Trust is one marketing tool that can’t be bought. However, it is also a hugely important marketing tool. When you have trust you have word of mouth recommendations and referrals. When couples are looking to book a wedding supplier they often don’t know where to start. This is a new experience to them, and they will turn to others for help.

Couples may ask friends that have recently been married. They may have a trusted wedding supplier they know and ask for their advice or recommendations. The couple may do all their own research themselves. This could mean wedding fairs and exhibitions, reading blogs and searching through Google for an expert wedding supplier.

How To Establish Yourself As An Expert Wedding Supplier

So, how can you establish yourself as the expert wedding supplier that they’re looking for?

You can build trust through your website and blogs. Share real wedding stories alongside personal posts, tips and guides and opinion pieces. Create blog posts that are useful to couples planning their special day.

As a wedding cake supplier this could be blog posts about popular cake flavours, how many tiers needed for guests, how to cut the cake and the different styles of wedding cakes. If you’re a wedding photographer you could share posts on how to find the right wedding photographer, wedding photos that need to go on your list and why you should hire a second photographer. Similar topics can be covered by wedding videographers too. As a wedding dress supplier, this could be blog posts about the perfect wedding dress for curvy brides, the best short and long wedding dresses or should wedding dresses be strapless.

How To Establish Yourself As An Expert Wedding Supplier

What Topics Do You Choose?

Think about those topics that your target audience (engaged couples) will be searching on Google and turn them into blog posts. This way you’ll be giving your audience what you want, while establishing yourself as an expert wedding supplier. The fact the titles are relevant to the couple and it includes relevant keywords too, means you’ll get lots of SEO benefits. This will help drive more traffic to your website. Giving your audience what they want in a friendly, open and honest way, while being informative will help build up that trust.

As your blog develops as a place where your audience know they can come and find valuable and helpful information, you can spread the net of trust. Start talking about other industries and other wedding venues or wedding suppliers you have worked with.

By promoting others in your industry, you will gain trust from them too. As they become the trusted wedding supplier for their couples they will be asked for recommendations, and this will become your business as you build that trust with them.

How can you establish yourself as an expert wedding supplier for your target audience and your industry?

How To Establish Yourself As An Expert Wedding Supplier

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