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As professional wedding suppliers, it’s easy to get stuck in and focus on our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, what if every single one of your clients was your dream client? Wouldn’t that be the dream come true? If you love the couple you are working with and have clicked with them, chances are they have chosen similar wedding suppliers that they click with too. By collaborating with wedding suppliers your dream couple love, you could get more dream clients that you love!

So, how can you collaborate with wedding suppliers at the event?


Say Hi

Whether you are laying out the tables, setting up the phot booth, taking photos of the venue before the guests arrive or preparing for the ceremony; say Hi. Introduce yourself with a smile. Tell them that you’re just taking some photos of the gorgeous wedding for your social media. Ask them for their social media accounts so you can tag them. Take the time to spot something you love and tell them. Recognise their talent and tell them why you love it. Flattery is the key to many wedding suppliers’ hearts.

Hold Back the Business Card

There is a difference between asking for their social media handles and shoving your business card in their face. One is friendly, the other is too business like and pushy. Praising their work and doing excellent work for your client will get you much further then forcing your business card into their hand. However, if they ask for your card of course you can hand it over to them.

Be Helpful

Every time you pass them during the set up or the event, ask how they are or how it’s going. If you can see they are busy and you’re free, offer to help. This could be grabbing something from their van, moving a chair or opening a door for example. That little helpful thing you do for them could stay in their mind for many years to come. As small or simple as it could be, that good deed will stay in their mind.


Behind The Scenes

Grab your phone or camera and take some photos from behind the scenes. Make sure you don’t upload these until after the wedding, or later if the client prefers. Ensure you have good photos of something from all of the suppliers. Then stick them on social media, tag the wedding supplier and you’ve made yourself a friend. This will open your work up their audience, but the supplier will see you as someone on their team too. Next time a couple ask them for recommendations of what you do – you’ll be top of their list!

It’s a great idea to collaborate with wedding suppliers. When you do it right, you can quickly find you have created your very own power team around you. A team of likeminded wedding business owners that will happily recommend you to their own wedding clients.