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Traditional weddings are known as being formal and strict in what you can and can’t say or do. However, if you are more free-spirited then we think you’ll love this Free Spirit Wild Heart Wedding Shoot. When we look at this free-spirited wedding shoot we think of love and romance. The bohemian and relaxed style of the wedding just adds to the feeling of love and romance.

Free spirit wild heart

Rustic Chic

This free spirit wild heart wedding shoot took place in a rustic-chic style barn in leafy suburbs. This was the perfect backdrop for a free-spirited type wedding shoot like this one. The wedding suppliers that helped put this wedding shoot together used things that evoked wonder and whimsy.

As you can see beautifully in the wedding cake, flowers and minimalistic looks have been brought together fantastically. The same can be said for the wedding stationary. From a distance the wedding stationary looks formal and minimalistic. The stunning writing style and stationary design just adds to the whimsical style of the wedding. Then, the delicate flower through the name settings just work so splendidly. It keeps to the minimalistic look, but adds extra beauty, while tying into the wedding theme once more.

Free Spirit Wild heart

The Look

The ‘Golden Rhapsody’ dress worn by the bride, blended into the wedding theme perfectly. The pink, peaches and creams delicately matched the wedding décor. Meanwhile, the flowing dress adds to the bohemian feel of the wedding, but also the love and romance of the wedding.

The hair of both the bride and groom was made to look natural, leaving it down to gently lay on shoulders and flow down the brides back. Another nod to the bohemian and laid-back feel of the wedding, but in a gentle way. The tasselled earrings of the bride once again add to the bohemian feel.

Free spirit wild heart

Boho Decor

The brides wedding bouquet almost matches the flowers on the wedding cake perfectly. The bright pinks of the roses, white blooms, reeds and feathers popping elegantly from the brides floral wedding dress. We feel the bouquet enhances the beauty of the subdued hues and natural materials used throughout the free spirit wild heart wedding shoot.

Moving onto the table setting for the wedding breakfast and you can see the wedding suppliers have just added more romance and love to the shoot, while keeping to the minimalistic and muted feel. The candles amongst the reeds and blooms look beautiful. As the sun goes down into the evening, you know the beauty of this table setting will get better and better.

Free spirit wild heart

Our Thoughts

If you would like a more free-spirited wedding for your special day, give us a call. We can recommend wedding locations, venues and suppliers to help create the perfect free spirited wedding for your special day.

Free spirit wild heart

Creative team:

Photographer: Nico and Tate

Models: Ksenija Selivanova and Leo Oppenheim

Makeup: Lou Pye

Hair: Steve



Venue: Wyresdale Park

Dresses: Jean Jackson Couture and Rue de Seine

Jewellery: Lilley Studio

Florals: Sassflower

Table styling: Lou L27 Weddings

Stationary: Lucy McSpirit

Cake: The Little Kendal Cakery