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Who goes where?

It’s not necessary to have assigned seats at your wedding, but most couples do to make things simpler; after all, you want your day to go as smoothly as possible, right? Having guests sit in allocated seats from your ceremony through the reception is a no-brainer for couples. Seating charts are required if you’re serving a three-course dinner at your wedding, and some venues even make it a requirement. But don’t be concerned! We’re here to assist you as you navigate the weird world of seating charts! Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about seating charts!

Circle or Square?

Before you start compiling your list of all your guests, you’ll need to find out what tables your having, whether there provided by the venue, or you work with a wedding planner and hire out your own tables. Hiring out your own tables is more common if you’re having an outdoor wedding so keep that in mind. Your reception is literally the life of the party so deciding what shape your tables are in will determine the atmosphere of your event. There are four basic table shapes to choose from round, rectangle, oval, and square. If you have a bigger guest list rectangular tables can fit a greater number of people on. Round tables are traditionally used for receptions and are usually more comfortable for guests to sit at as they have more legroom.

Get Sketching

People learn in all different ways and one of the most effective ways is visualizing. A helpful method of making a start to your seating chart is to draw up each table. Use a whiteboard or laminate pieces of paper with the number of tables you plan on having and use whiteboard markers to place each guest at the table. If sketching isn’t exactly your strong suit colour co-ordinating is another great option. E.g., school friends in pink pen, partners family in orange and so on.

Mix and Match

You’ve got your coloured whiteboard pens and now it’s time to make them useful! This doesn’t mean you have to seat them in their assigned group, but it will give you an idea of who knows who and how well they get along and how well you know them, as well as their age, interests, and backgrounds. At each table, try to provide a mix of familiar and new faces to make everyone feel at ease. And, of course, be careful: Seating folks who have a history they’d like to forget together is a no-no.

Placing the Parents

Both you and your partner’s parents will be seated at the top table at the reception along with any grandparents, siblings, and children (unless you have a dedicated children’s table or you’re having a child-free wedding). Things can get a little bit tense depending on whether you have complex family circumstances or divorced parents. Try setting up two tables, one at each table, that are equally near to the head table. No one will feel uncomfortable or excluded in this manner. Another alternative is to place them at opposing ends of the same rectangular table (and try to make the table long).

The Little ones

You can skip this section if you’re having a child-free wedding, but if you’re planning on having little ones attending, you’ll need to think about where there going. One idea is to seat them all at a separate children’s table, where they can have entertaining games and/or crafts. While it may be tempting to stick them in a corner where there is no chance of them creating chaos, don’t put the children’s table too far away from their parents. When younger children scan the room and don’t see their parents, it can frighten them a little bit (and the parent would like to keep an eye on them). If your flower girl and ring bearer are the only children at your wedding reception, seat them with their parents.

The Older ones

The last thing the older generation wants to be is uncomfortable so take that into account when first of all looking for a wedding venue and then finalizing your seating chart. Place the older guests a little farther from your band or DJ and those in wheelchairs should be in an area with lots of room either near the dancefloor or closer to one of the edges of your room.

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