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The theme of a wedding can be anything. It could be a favourite hobby, flower, style or even colour. For this wedding shoot, the colour blush pink was what inspired the wedding shoot and set the tone for everything that follows. So, let’s see how this blush pink inspired wedding shoot turned out, where it began and how to create it yourself. 

Blush Pink Inspired Shoot

The Style Behind The Blush Pink Inspired Wedding Shoot

The theme of this wedding shoot all began with the newly refurbished Hampton Court Palace Gold Club. The aim of the wedding shoot was to show off the newly refurbished areas of the wedding venue in a soft and stunning way to show off the new interior. Pastel colours were used to create the soft overlook of the wedding shoot. Blush pink quickly became a firm favourite, and this colour led the shoot.  

Blush Pink Inspired Shoot

The Wedding Dress For The Blush Pink Inspired Wedding Shoot

A bespoke wedding dress was chosen for this shoot. It’s a unique and beautiful dress with romantic tulle and lace. The flamboyance of the dress matches the style of the shoot perfectly. The sensual silhouette with a bustier bodice is full of delicate and intricate details that were revisited many times during this shoot -to get them just right for the style. The skirt bought in two styles and allowed for a day and evening look which worked really well. The pink gradient on the dress fitted with the blush pink inspiration perfectly too. 

Blush Pink Inspired Shoot

The Floral Design For The Blush Pink Inspired Wedding Shoot

The floral design and styling were essential for this Blush Pink Inspired wedding shoot too. Hand selected florals were used for the main décor on the tables. Added to the pink fabric on the tables, it created a really elegant touch to the tables and wedding décor as a whole. 

Blush Pink Inspired Wedding Shoot

The Colour Palette For The Blush Pink Inspired Wedding Shoot

Of course, the main colour for this wedding shoot was blush pink, but other colours were needed to make this shoot work too. Pastel tones of grey, beige, gold and white all had an important part to play in the Blush Pink Inspired Wedding Shoot. The main colour of the blush pink was reflected in every element of the shoot, from the wedding dress right through to the tables and cake stand, even the hair accessories. 

How To Create The Blush Pink Inspired Wedding Theme For Your Special Day

While there are no secrets to creating the Blush Pink Inspired Wedding Shoot, there are a few main characteristics that really make it work. For example, the florals, carefully selected glasses and plates, and the runners on the table are the characteristics that really make this shoot work and bring it all together. 

If you need help creating a blush pink theme for your wedding day, call us now. We can connect you with the wedding businesses and suppliers that you need, in your area. 


Photographer: By Karolina Photography

Stationery: Paper Swan Stationery 

Hair & Makeup Artist: Reenu Hair & Makeup Artist 

Dress designer : Tatiana Porembova Bridal

Venue: Hampton Court Palace Golf Club 

Florist: The Event Stylist 

Decor: Silver Swan Events 

Stylist: Lauren Pedge Events

Cake designer: Simply Irresistible Cakes

Favours: Candy Rock Shop 

Suits: Dapper Formalwear for Men 

Hair and Makeup artist: Ema Bridal Makeup 

Shoes: Larissa London

Hair Accessories: Pearl & Hugo 

Bridesmaid dresses: Confetti Bridesmaid

Makeup artist: Emma Mc Greevy Makeup artist