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The bride in this shoot has always believed that falling in love is natural but staying in love is something you choose to do. 15 years ago, Franci married her now-husband Paolo. While Franci admits the relationship has had its challenges, she feels blessed to have had a husband that has held her hand and grown with her. This was why she choose to affirm her choice and have a blue floral vow renewal in Florence.

Blue Floral Vow Renewal in Florence

The Florals

Franci decided to look after her own flowers on her wedding day 15 years ago. She enjoyed it so much that she changed her job from an architect in Florence to a floral designer. Since then she has helped countless couples across Tuscany with the flowers for their special day. You really can see the strong theme and love of flowers throughout the wedding. Flower patterns can be seen on the invitation, inside the envelopes, on the wedding cake, as part of the table settings and even delicately on the dress.

Blue Floral Vow Renewal in Florence

The Venue

The venue for the blue floral vow renewal in Florence was chosen with ease. The vow renewal took place at Riva Loft. It’s an amazing boutique situated in the heart of Florence. It has a gorgeous outdoor garden and swimming pool where you feel like you are in the middle of the Tuscan countryside.

Blue Floral Vow Renewal in Florence

The Suppliers

With a background in weddings, Franci found it easy to choose her photographer and videographer too. Franci had worked with Emma of Innocento Photographer and her talented videographer husband from Innocento Studio. Before booking the date for the blue floral vow renewal in Florence, Fanci knew these people had to be available. The overall colour pallet for the blue floral vow renewal in Florence was blue. This is the brides favourite colour. It was used throughout the wedding to bring the theme together in every photo. It can be seen in the flowers, the wedding stationery, the tablecloth and more. This bright blue shade really helps the other colours pop, such as the pink shoes for example.

Blue Floral Vow Renewal in Florence

The Inspiration

Planning a wedding or choosing a wedding theme will often start with one small thing, and it goes from there. For this bride, she saw the gorgeous blue and white tablecloth then fell in love. The rest of the wedding inspiration came from there. If you have found something that you have fallen in love with and want to work it into your wedding, but you’re not sure how – call us. Wedding planning is what we do best. We can take what you have and brainstorm ideas to fit it into your wedding.

Blue Floral Vow Renewal in Florence

Meet The Team!

VENUE Riva Loft (venue & catering)

PHOTOGRAPHER – VIDEO Innocenti Studio photography+ video

Flowers and Décor : Franci’s Flowers Wedding design ®

Stationery by Melimelo’ ( stationery)

Cake design TUSCAN WEDDING CAKES ( BY Melanie Secciani)

Bridal gown :