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While many people think of a spring-coloured wedding only for springtime, as this spring colour wedding shoot shows, a spring-coloured wedding can take place anytime of the year. The only thing you need to consider are your flowers. If you want springtime flowers you will need to have this theme during the spring months. However, if you are happy with spring colours in your wedding flowers, then this spring colour wedding theme could still work really well for your special day. 

A Spring Colour Wedding Shoot

The Wedding Inspiration

What is so lovely about this spring colour wedding shoot is that it was created by a small group of local wedding suppliers. They had all had a tough year of not working, due to the pandemic. So, they decided to come together to use their talents and creative skills to create this beautiful spring colour wedding shoot. As you can clearly see, their time away from weddings certainly hasn’t affected their creative talents! 

A Spring Colour Wedding Shoot

The Wedding Venue

The wedding venue is Makeney Hall. It was chosen because it is a long-time favourite of the small group of wedding suppliers. It is also one of the places where many of the wedding suppliers have worked with lots of times in the past. Not only is Makeney hall a fabulous wedding venue with lots to offer, but the management team are also great at this venue too. They are always friendly, welcoming and helpful to couples and wedding suppliers alike. This spring colour wedding shoot covered two areas. One was the beautiful covered outdoor wedding area that is situated in the woodlands. The second area for the wedding shoot were the newly refurbished areas that hadn’t yet been seen by a lot of people. 

A Spring Colour Wedding Shoot

The Colour Palette

The theme of the spring colour wedding shoot left lots of room for interpretation. It meant that these wedding suppliers were able to try out two completely different colour palettes in one day, that tied together beautifully. The first colour palette was more a natural and rustic, country-cottage style theme. The best accessory for this was the hand tied bouquet of wildflowers. The second colour palette was more vibrant, with the large pink and purple flowers to really accentuate the colours in the shoot. 

A Spring Colour Wedding Shoot

How To Create Your Own Spring Colour Wedding

As this wedding shoot clearly shows, wedding suppliers know what they are doing. They are experts in their trade. Use their advice and knowledge to create your own perfect spring colour wedding. Ask your wedding suppliers how they can work together to bring the theme in to the wedding, within every element. They will have a lot of their own ideas that you may not even have considered. 

A Spring Colour Wedding Shoot

Meet The Team!

Venue : Makeney Hall 

Photographer : Field Photographic

Wedding Dresses : Stately Brides

Wedding Florist : Riverbank Floristry

Makeup and hair artist : Makeup Artist Midlands 

Videographer : Jasper Films 

Wedding cake artist : Julia Florence Cake Design 

Venue Decor – Decorations By Design