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One day just isn’t enough!

Despite the fact that it is referred to as “your big day”, today’s couples extend their wedding celebrations over a weekend, and in some cases, a week! Wedding weekends aren’t as rare as you would imagine. Many Indian weddings are three days long, with the Hindu ceremony occurring on the third day. So, whether you plan on incorporating religious elements into your wedding weekend or you just want to have fun for a few more days, here’s everything you need to know and what to do each day!

Day one: Welcome Everybody

A fun pre-wedding event is a welcome party. A welcome party is held the day before the wedding and can range from a morning get-together to a brunch with your bridal party and groomsmen to a large evening soiree at your venue. There are no restrictions on who may attend your welcome party; it is totally up to you and your partner to decide. If you’re inviting all of your wedding guests to the welcome party, include the information on your wedding invitation or have a separate welcome party invitation with specifics on the sort of event.

If you’re having a destination wedding, there will be a few who can’t make the wedding so having a welcome party in a family home or just a lowkey get together is a great option to include everyone in all the wedding festivities. On the topic of destination weddings, having a welcome party abroad is something which has also grown in popularity. Many couples actually welcome their guests upon arrival at the hotel or the residence of where they are staying and depending on the time difference have breakfast while guests can come and go as they wish!

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Décor is a huge element of any wedding celebration so don’t skip out on it at your welcome party. Of course, the aesthetic and tone of the day is entirely up to you, but it’s definitely recommended to keep it more of a casual affair. Your wedding day is your showstopper of the weekend, and your welcome party shouldn’t try and top it.

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Day Two: The Main Event

This is your showstopper, no more laid back and casual. The day that has taken months and maybe even years of planning. Your wedding day! This is probably the most nerve-racking event of your weekend and the day which matters most. Everything should be planned ( Using our Ultimate Wedding planner) set up, paid for and done in time before you walk down the aisle.

Once you’ve said your vows and are legally married it’s time for your reception! Your reception is the time to let your hair down (figuratively or literally) and participate in all of the wedding rituals, such as the bouquet throw, cake cutting and listening to all of your guests’ speeches. How can we forget the food! After working closely with the caterer to design the menu, it’s time for you and your guests to enjoy all of the delicious cuisine you’ve prepared. And after that, there will be plenty of dancing and laughter.

Day Three: A Goodbye Brunch

Hosting a brunch is an excellent way to spend some extra time with your guests before you jet set to your honeymoon adventures and take the time to thank them for attending. Your brunch is the most casual event out of your wedding weekend so there is no need to do anything major. Your brunch can be even smaller than your welcome arty and can just have your immediate family, the bridal party and the groomsmen and their plus-ones. Your role as the newlyweds is to mingle and thank those who have travelled far (especially if you had a destination wedding) Your wedding day may have left you feeling a bit overwhelmed so take this day to wind down and have some brunch with your close friends and family.

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