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Traditional & modern gifts we think you’ll love!

Your wedding is a very important milestone in you and your partners’ life, the day in which you bring all your family and friends together to celebrate the love you have for your partner. And your anniversary is a great way to commemorate how joyous of an occasion your wedding was! Wedding anniversaries have traditions just like any occasion, each year your married is represented by material, but in recent years couples have come up with super creative gifts which incorporate the material and are all around great gifts! Keep reading to see 22 gifts for each year of your anniversary!

1st anniversary: Paper

Paper symbolizes a fresh start to your new married life, and you have the chance to write out what that entails. Cookbooks, tickets to a concert or a custom illustration of you and your partner are great ways to incorporate the traditional theme in your gift. If you don’t want to incorporate the traditional element to your gift, the gemstone for your first anniversary is gold and carination’s are the flower for your first anniversary.

Check out Born Beau to get a custom print of you and your partner!

2nd anniversary: Cotton

By your second year of marriage, you and your partner have grown and matured together, cotton is the symbol as each fibre represents two people that have become intertwined with each other. Great gifts which incorporate cotton are bedding, a fun pair of socks or a cross-stitch art piece of you and your partner.

Check out this bone china set from 17 stories!

3rd anniversary: Leather

The two of you have undoubtedly witnessed events that have strengthened you. And that’s why leather is the perfect choice for your third anniversary! Leather gifts for your anniversary are leather jackets, a wallet, purse, perfume or a cologne with musky, leather scent notes.

Check out this smoked leather scented candle from The Conran Shop!


4th anniversary: Fruit & Flowers

Your fourth year reflects how you and your spouse have matured as individuals and as a couple. You have the opportunity to do something lovely and nostalgic in your fourth year. Recreate your wedding bouquet or plant a tree in honour of your fourth anniversary, which is a classic concept. If your companion is interested in technology, modern presents include kitchen appliances and electrical devices.

Check out these microwaves from ao for a modern gift for your anniversary!

5th anniversary: Wood

Half a decade! How exciting! The wood represents the strength and longevity of your marriage thus far, as well as the roots you’re beginning to establish, whether by owning a home together or establishing a family. A wooden picture frame, wall art, or a dish set are all traditional wood-based presents. The traditional gemstone is sapphire, while the flower for this anniversary is daisies. As a result, a lovely arrangement of daisies is an excellent present.

Check out this sapphire ring from Mappin & Webb!

6th anniversary: Iron & Sweets

It’s time to enjoy the sweet life for your sixth anniversary, and we mean that literally. Sweets’ have that nostalgic feel which is a reminder of your relationship’s early days, as well as a reminder to maintain that same sweetness in your marriage’s future. Iron is a symbol of strength and endurance. Recreate a smaller or cupcake version of your wedding cake for the sweets, and some new cookware, such as pots and pans, would be cherished and used frequently for the iron.

Check out this pan from Our Place!

7th anniversary: Copper or Wool

The two elements appear to be dramatically different, but they share one thing in common: warmth. Wool can insulate, while copper is a good heat conductor. Which by now your partner should make you feel warm and cosy. Traditional gifts are a wool scarf or jumper, a copper hipflask, or a wool blanket. Today’s couples are all about practicality and organization when it comes to their 7th anniversary. Office supplies, a new desk, or some personalised stationery great options.

Check out Wool Blanket to get something cosy and warm for your partner!


8th anniversary: Bronze

Bronze is an alloy that is represented as two people who lived separate lives have come together to co-inside with one another. It also has a biblical symbol of strength. Bronze traditional gifts include sculptures, cufflinks, and bracelets. Materials like linen and lace are used as modern replacements if you want something a little softer.

Check out this bronze dish from Iron Heart Portugal!

9th anniversary: Pottery

Clay can be sculpted into many kinds of exquisite pottery to create something that will last a lifetime and never lose its essence of beauty, so getting a piece of art in the shape of pottery, such as a vase, wall art, or a handcrafted mug, is an obvious choice. The poppy is the flower that symbolises the 9th anniversary, and a beautiful bouquet of poppies in a vase made out of clay is a terrific way to include many parts of the ninth anniversary.

Check out Canterbury Pottery for all things pottery!

10th anniversary:Tin

You did it! A decade of marriage! Tin is the substance that represents ten years, and it represents the determination and perseverance you and your spouse have shown to get to where you are today. Personalized coffee tins, tin plant pots, and keychains are all excellent gifts that use traditional materials. It’s time to look at some diamonds for couples that desire something distinctive. Many couples decide to get a new wedding band or replace their old one.

Check out Novello to get a personalised coffee tin!

11th anniversary: Steel

Steel is the hardest metal, thus it’s tough and powerful. These are terms that properly sum up eleven years of marriage. Any type of steel jewellery is a popular choice. It may be an earring, a necklace, a bracelet, or even a different ring! Turquoise is the gemstone that indicates 11 years of marriage. Turquoise is a beautiful colour that may be seen in many flower arrangements and art items.

Check out these turquoise roses from Eternal Blossom!

12th anniversary: Silk

12 years have flown by in the blink of an eye, and it feels like you just said ‘I do’ yesterday. Silk is the material associated with the year 12 and makes fantastic gifts. Silk dresses and nightgowns, as well as silk flower arrangements, are excellent presents. Another option for celebrating your marriage is to utilise pearls, and there are numerous fantastic pearl jewellery products available on the internet. From pearl headbands, rings, necklaces, the possibilities are endless!

Check out this silk pyjama shirt from ARKET!

13th anniversary: Lace

Despite the fact that thirteen is an unlucky number, thirteen years of marriage is extremely fortunate. To incorporate lace, lace patterned anything will work! Lace bouquets made from a piece of your veil or wedding dress is something super sentimental. You may have developed a taste for the better things in life over the course of your 13 years of marriage, and exquisite lace wonderfully expresses that refinement. And the traditional gift is fur (only faux please!) a furry rug for your home, or a fur jacket are perfect options.

Check out Little Foundry to get your very own lace bouquet!

14th anniversary: Ivory

To do ivory the animal-friendly way, you could surprise your partner with a pet! We highly advise you to talk to your partner before picking out the names for anything, but this is a great way to honour 14 years of marriage. Another way to be animal friendly is to donate to a wildlife charity or shelter. The modern option is to opt for gold jewellery or a gorgeous piece of ivory clothing!

Check out this ivory corset from House Of Cb!

15th anniversary: Crystal

For fifteen years, have a celebration drink! Do it while using crystal glasses, of course! Crystal has the ability to refract light into beautiful rainbows that mirror all aspects of your relationship. Other classic crystal presents include a watch, ring, and decanter. The gemstone for the 15th anniversary is ruby, which is more contemporary and ideal if you want to give a more lavish gift.

Check out Tiffany & Co ruby jewellery selection!

16th anniversary: Wax

Wax is a hard and tough material but with a little bit of spark, it melts so easily, use this as a metaphor to describe the love you have for your partner. To stick with the traditional theme, go with a candle scent that perfectly summarises your partner along with some personalised match sticks. Candles aren’t for everybody, so silverware is something shiny for those who like sparkle. An excellent cutlery set will be something both you and your partner will use and can be passed down through generations.

Check out Legacy Silverware to get some high-quality cutlery!

17th anniversary: Furniture

After seventeen years together, the home you’ve spent so many cherished memories and have built together is probably due a spruce up. You could do this by upgrading your beloved sofa, armchair or even a kitchen appliance. Or if you and your partner love the outdoors, treat yourself to a nature retreat!

Check out Unique Homestays for a list of amazing retreats around the U.K!


18th anniversary: Porcelain

Commonly referred to as the porcelain anniversary, porcelain is a great gift idea for both modern and traditional aesthetics. Porcelain is clay that has been heated in high temperatures and maybe you want to try it yourself, a ceramics class is something hands-on and practical if you and your partner are creative and love making objects. Or you could gift your partner with some porcelain barware to help them brush up on their bartending skills!

Check out these porcelain martini glasses from Mine Ceramics!

19th anniversary: Bronze

Bronze, again! Just one year away from the big 20! Bronze, a hard metal, has come to represent a strong, long-lasting union. For the 19th wedding anniversary, it’s both a traditional and a contemporary theme. Anniversary presents made of bronze jewellery or bronze cookware are thoughtful (and practical!) options.

Check out this bronze cooking pot from Junkaholic Vintage U.K.!

20th anniversary: China

Two decades of marriage is something to be proud of! Your cookware has most likely seen a lot of usage over the last 20 years, so it’s time to replace it. China is a traditional present, so take advantage of this opportunity to get some new and luxurious plates and teacups. Take a journey to China and visit all the magnificent sites, such as the Great Wall of China, for those who enjoy travelling.

Check out this China Search to get a range of specific china sets!

21st anniversary: Brass

After celebrating the big 20 years your 21st anniversary may lose its momentum, but it still should be commemorated with some special gifts. Personalized gifts of any sort will always be a good idea. Choose a modern wine rack or serving platter that is both fashionable and practical for your house. Alternatively, give them a delicate piece of jewellery or a pair of eye-catching cufflinks that they’ll wear over and over.

Check out these brass cufflinks from Buster + Punch!

22nd wedding anniversary: Copper

For the 22nd wedding anniversary, copper is associated with beauty, power, strength, and fortune. Copper is malleable, symbolising how individuals may develop and grow together at the same time, and it is associated with good fortune, wealth, and success. Copper gives everything from home goods to jewellery a beautiful metallic sheen. Copper-themed custom artwork will look fantastic in your home.

Check out this copper clock from Copper Empire!

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