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How to celebrate a decade of marriage and make it your own.

Although you both know each other very well after your decade of marriage, it can be really difficult to get a gift which celebrates your most important memories. Keep reading to find the perfect gift (even if your partner is super picky!).

10th wedding anniversary gift guide, two tins with anniversary messages on

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Made From Tin With Love

Traditionally the material for a 10th wedding anniversary is tin or aluminium. Both of these materials are extremely resilient, wont rust and keep their shine over time. These materials represent strength and durability which is why it’s the perfect gift to represent your anniversary

Tin or aluminium may not be the first thing in your mind when you’re picking out a gift for your partner or a couple celebrating their anniversary. But paired well with other gemstones like diamond allows for something beautiful and memorable. You can go for the sentimental route and do something like upgrading the engagement ring, incorporate colours like silver and blue which are both associated with this important milestone.

If you are getting a gift for a couple, there are many more quirky and fun options to surprise them with. Tin is an easy theme to work with and incorporate into a gift has never been so easy! Think about if you want to do something practical, you could look for something like aluminium cookware or super sweet, personalized items like candles and coffee.

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How to celebrate a Decade Of Marriage

The big 10th anniversary means that it should be bigger and better than any celebration before it. A couple that has spent all this time together (exactly 5,258,880 Minutes!) clearly has a lot of determination and commitment to go distance so make sure you celebrate in style!

This is the time to overboard with your ideas and if your budget is big enough take time and plan out a second honeymoon. Pick a destination that’s always been on your holiday bucket list for years but have never had the time to do. You could return to your original honeymoon destination to redo all your adorable memories from your first nights together as a married couple. You could gift a stay cation to your favourite couple to a destination such as Cornwall. Cornwall has tin mines which is an excellent activity to do, as well as their stunning beaches which are perfect to spend a candlelit dinner at.

The flower which represents the 10th anniversary is a daffodil, daffodils represent joy, optimism, happiness, and new beginnings. Incorporate them into your celebrations by planting a bed of them in a tin plant pot to serve not only as a gift but a beautiful reminder of all the years of marriage. Or you could surprise your partner with a once in a lifetime trip to the Netherlands to go to the daffodil farms!

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The Most Important Thing To Keep In Mind

Whether you decide to go super extravagant or go simple and sentimental, make sure you give it lots of consideration and remember it’s your time to get creative and celebrate all the wonderful years. This milestone that needs to be celebrated in style

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10th wedding anniversary

Here is a list of the wedding anniversary symbols by year in the U.K.

  1. Paper
  2. Cotton
  3. Leather
  4. Linen
  5. Wood
  6. Iron
  7. Copper
  8. Bronze
  9. Pottery
  10. Tin

The traditional symbol for 10th wedding anniversary is Tin or Aluminium 

These materials are known for their resilience and flexibility, both of these traits also symbolise what is needed to sustain a union of 10 years.

The gift of tin or aluminium however is more modernly swapped for a gift of diamonds for the 10th wedding anniversary.



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